A new dementia care certification program is gaining momentum!

Every day professional caregivers are playing an integral role in caring for those with dementia. To support them in their roles, a new online, self-paced continuing education program, the CDCP™ Dementia Designation Program, has been launched and is gaining popularity.

As an accessible learning platform that understands the needs of caregivers, the CDCP™ offers training that covers a range of subjects relating to dementia care—from creative approaches to managing challenging behaviours to strategies for dealing with work-related stress, and much more. Additionally, to support caregivers in their professional advancement, those who successfully completed the program will earn the CDCP™ designation letters which they can attach to their name.

What Being a Professional Caregiver is All About…

With an increasing number of people living with dementia, the need for professional caregivers is more urgent than ever. So what’s being a caregiver all about? Here are three main qualities all good professional caregivers share:

1. Human Connection


A strong connection between a client and caregiver can boost not only the well-being of the client, but the caregiver as well! Key to this type of connection, is being able to see a client as a person first, despite their diagnosis. Seeking to understand their unique personality (hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes) makes it easier for a caregiver to bond with a client and manage challenging behaviours.

2. Empathy

A caregiver’s ability to empathize allows a client to feel safe and validated, seen and heard. By simply empathizing with an agitated or upset client, feeling what they are feeling and quietly sharing that space, a caregiver can foster a greater sense of calm.

3. Patience and Flexibility

In caring for seniors, patience and flexibility go a long waywhether it’s answering the same questions repeatedly, speaking slowly, or trying to be open in understanding a client’s perception of reality, even if it feels silly or awkward. 

After all, being a professional caregiver is about more than simply giving “treatment”—it’s about genuine care that impacts the quality of life of those being cared for in lasting and meaningful ways.  Just as important as these three caregiving qualities, is the practice of self-care. Caregivers also need care, so it’s vital for professional caregivers to also learn ways to manage and reduce stress

These caregiving traits can be learned and developed. The CDCP™ program equips front-line workers with practical skills, scripts and language that promote these much-desired caregiver qualities. Find out how you can register yourself or others for the CDCP™ Dementia Designation Program, by visiting www.DementiaSolutions.ca/CDCP or call us at 1-888-502-1321.


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