UBC Health Mentors program is looking for volunteers

The UBC Interprofessional Health Mentors Program (HMP)  helps students learn about patient-centered care and how providers can better support people with chronic conditions.

The UBC Health Mentors program is looking for volunteer Health Mentors (or caregivers) who live with a chronic illness and want to share their healthcare expertise with UBC students. Health Mentors should live in the Metro Vancouver area and be comfortable talking about their health condition. The program starts in September 2019 and runs until May 2020.

Through HMP groups of students from different disciplines learn together from and with mentors. Students include fields such as pharmacy, physical therapy, nursing, occupational kinesiology and medicine. The mentors are “experts” in their lives and help students learn how health care providers can best give support. Health mentors can be adult patients or clients with chronic conditions or disabilities or caregivers who provide long-term care to family members and friends. Over 9 months, the mentors or caregivers will meet with small student groups six times.

See the program website https://pcpe.health.ubc.ca/healthmentors for more information, and contact the program coordinator jen.macdonald@ubc.ca to apply.

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