Media Release: BCCPA applauds Ministry of Health decision to amend long-term care access policy


Burnaby, B.C. (July 3, 2019): Today, in a decision commended by BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA), the Ministry of Health announced that a new long-term care access policy will be effective July 15th, 2019.

The requirement for clients to take the First Appropriate Bed (FAB) will no longer apply. Instead, the senior or their family member will be able to select up to three preferred care homes. The FAB policy will, however, be observed for clients in hospital/acute care until later this month.

The new policy will also bring forth other necessary changes, such as ensuring that a senior who accepts an interim placement will not lose their space on the waitlist for their preferred home.

The Ministry believes that these updates will improve the experience for clients, making it more client-centred, transparent, consistent and equitable.


“BCCPA has been advocating for these changes for some time. We feel that these adaptations will go a long way in giving seniors more choice in the care they receive, which is fundamental to person-centred care,” says BCCPA CEO Daniel Fontaine.

“For example, a senior may identify a care home that is closer to one of their children. That can reduce social isolation and improve overall quality of life,” he adds.

In addition to these updates, the Ministry of Health will be revising the Home and Community Care Policy Manual to move away from outdated terminology. The term “residential care”—considered by some First Nations groups to be culturally inappropriate—will be changed to “long-term care.”

“Over the last few years, our organization has persistently made the call for more person-centred language in seniors’ care. From abandoning the word facility, or as we call it, the “f-word,” to moving away from the term “residential care,” BCCPA has made efforts to bring awareness to more intentional language. While there is much more to be done, this is an important step forward,” says Fontaine.

BCCPA looks forward to working with its members, health authorities and the Ministry of Health to ensure the successful application of this new policy.



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