Q & A: Ron Pike, Chair of Membership Services & Engagement Committee

As the BC Care Providers Association continues to expand programming and resources to its members, the board of directors decided to review the membership fee structure to ensure it remains aligned with the Association’s goals and objectives.

The review—undertaken by the Membership Services and Engagement Committee—was completed last spring, and is set to be tabled at the 2017 Annual General Meeting in October.

Ron Pike, Executive Director of Elim Village, has served as chair of the Membership Services and Engagement Committee since June 2016.

With the new membership fee structure in effect soon, Pike outlines the reasons for the review, and how it will benefit BCCPA’s members moving forward.

Why did the Membership Services and Engagement Committee undertake this review?

There were a couple of reasons for the review. There was some confusion with the membership fees, as well as a little bit of inconsistency. It was also becoming increasingly difficult to manage from the https://bccare.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/medcare-img22.jpgistration side of things.


Apart from the two technical factors, the other major factor was the value we were providing to members. We felt that there was a very strong and marketable value proposition that we needed to consider, and it was just the right time for a review of the fee structure.

What were some of the parameters set out for the committee by the board of directors?

There were three main parameters set out for the committee. We were asked to make the membership fee structure as revenue neutral as possible. We wanted to make the process more efficient for https://bccare.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/medcare-img22.jpgistration and for BCCPA’s members. We also needed it to be more equitable for all the members.

Why should members welcome these changes?

With the review of the membership fee structure, members are going to find the system less complicated and more efficient. They are going to see a fair system that reflects the value the BC Care Providers Association offers its members.


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