BCCPA’s latest Care to Chat series tackles culturally appropriate senior care

British Columbia is currently undergoing significant demographic shifts; along with an aging population, the province is also becoming more ethnically and culturally diverse.

With 45 per cent of the Metro Vancouver population born outside Canada, the National Household Survey reports one in six Metro residents do not speak English or French in their homes. While over half (57%) of seniors in Metro Vancouver adhere to the Christian faith, another 40,000 seniors report belonging to other religions, including Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews and Hindus. The increasing diversity of the province brings both opportunities and challenges for British Columbia’s seniors care providers.

We’re excited to announce this season’s Care to Chat series titled “Embracing Diversity: Providing Culturally Appropriate Care for British Columbia’s Aging Population.” Join us on Oct 6, 2017 at Terminal City Club, Vancouver, as a diverse panel takes on the emerging issue of culturally appropriate care for seniors.

This forward-thinking Care to Chat will outline innovative approaches care providers are using to deliver culturally appropriate care and services that meet the social-cultural, spiritual, nutritional and linguistic needs of their residents and clients. Issues around improving equitable access to culturally appropriate care will also be highlighted.

Along with improving access, this panel will also address such challenges as recruiting health care workers to fill specific linguistic or cultural needs, reducing social isolation of ethnic seniors, allowing space for customs and beliefs regarding death, and how to meet nutritional preferences and restrictions on a limited budget. Finally, the panelists will also highlight strategies to incorporate culturally competent care into all operations while also respecting and treating each senior as an individual.


Stay tuned as we announce  Chat to Chat’s sponsors and panelists over the next few weeks, and continue the conversation on culturally appropriate care.

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