Care Provider of the Year Nominee: Rita Uy

Rita Uy
Residential Care Aide
Peace Portal Seniors Village

Glenn Hocking, General Manager at Retirement Concepts Peace Portal Seniors Village, sent in the following nomination for six-year employee Rita Uy: 

Each shift, Rita comes to work full of enthusiasm and a positive attitude. You often hear Rita stating to the residents and their families how much she loves coming into work to care for them. Her positive influence is contagious with her co-workers as she feels it is a privilege to serve those in her care. As General Manager, I often get feedback from employees around her what a pleasure it is to work with her or from family members receiving care for their loved one. She cheerfully goes about her day with a huge smile on her face and her love for her job is palpable when seeing her perform her duties.

Rita comes to work to care for and serve the residents living within our community. Rita is the first one to jump in and help anyone in need. She never gets caught up in “it’s not my resident, I’ll have to get someone for you” scenario. Regularly, I see Rita helping and getting involved with any resident that needs a caring hand. Her passion to serve and attend to others is demonstrated on a regular basis on all her shifts. As management, we constantly hear from family members how sympathetic and compassionate Rita is when carrying out her tasks.

In my opinion, one of her greatest strengths is her ability to be a great role model for those around her creating a culture of excellence and quality. Intentional or not, the commitment Rita displays to her residents is tangible with lasting impact to others working in her profession. Staff working with Rita rise to the occasion and follow her example by taking pride in the way they perform their jobs in providing quality care. Simple examples like, seeing Rita taking a moment to sit with a resident while holding their hand and listening to their life stories. It’s never to draw attention to herself, but rather to fully embrace residents and their families in her care. It brings the residents joy when they see Rita starting her shift as they know they will be well looked after under her watch.


Overall, Rita is a great individual who has a compassionate spirit about her. She is well respected by her peers and has a tremendous amount of respect for all our residents. I have never heard Rita speak negatively about anyone and treats everyone with the greatest dignity and empathy. Due to this outstanding characteristic, I strongly believe Rita Uy is very deserving of the BC Care Provider of the Year Award. Rita is a front-line care provider who naturally demonstrates a commitment to quality, compassion, and excellence in the delivery of care to residents and their families at Peace Portal Seniors Village.

We regularly hear from Rita’s co-workers, residents, and family members how great she is at her job. Simply put, she is a dedicated employee who daily demonstrates quality of care, compassion, and excellence to those she serves. It’s a real pleasure having Rita employed at Peace Portal Seniors Village.

Upon hearing that she had been nominated for Care Provider of the Year, Rita had this to say: “Just being nominated for this prestigious award is a winning moment for me. It is more than enough blessing knowing that my hard work and effort was noticed. I will continue to serve your organization and my residents to  the best that I because it is my calling and God gave me talents, skills, a heart that cares, and  knowledge for the purpose of serving those who are in need.”


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