BCCPA Motion Comes in 4th Place at National Conference

It was close, but the BC Care Providers (BCCPA) motion fell just shy of making it to the podium after all the votes were tallied.

Toronto Star senior writer Susan Delacourt introduces the plenary panelists

Over 800 delegates at the National Health Leaders Conference (NHLC) were asked to select the top three motions. The BCCPA motion calling for the development of a new National Seniors Health Promotion Action Plan was voted in the top five prior to the commencement of the conference.

In the end our motion came in 4th place and the BCCPA did not participate in the 2nd Annual Great Canadian Health Care Debate hosted by Jeffrey Simpson, columnist with the Globe and Mail.

“It was a great honour to have made it that far and come so close to appearing on stage,” says Daniel Fontaine, CEO for the BCCPA. “Regardless, the fact we made it in top five has certainly helped to elevate our Association on to the national stage.”

Representatives from the Bruyere Continuing Care Centre talk about how they changed their culture of leadership

The three motions to have been accepted for debate including one on health recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; the second related to The 15 Never Events; the last pertained to investing $1B to support the development of a new health innovation fund as recommended by the Naylor Report.


“There were some amazing panels and discussions over the course of two days,” says Fontaine. “A highlight for me was listening to the panel featuring Dr. Danielle Martin who is a leader in her field.”

A poll released on June 6, 2016 as part of the National Health Leadership Conference discusses results from the top five motions selected as part of the Great Canadian Health Care Debate, including the BCCPA motion on a National Seniors Health Promotion Action Plan. As outlined in the poll

  • Ipsos Reid National health Leadership Conference POll
    Ipsod Reid Poll from the National Health Leadership Conference discusses Top 5 Motions
  • 9 in 10 say the government should report on progress for a National Seniors Health Promotion Action Plan
  • Majorities are concerned about the quality of life as longevity increases (84%) believe seniors need more education on taking care of their health (88%) and the system should provide the right tools (92%); and
  • Eight in 10 Canadians are concerned about the healthcare available to seniors today; this number increases among women (85%) and those 35+.

The next National College of Health Leaders conference will be taking place in Vancouver in June 2017. Delegates were shown a video of testimonials as to why Vancouver is a great place to host.

The BCCPA intends to draft a motion for consideration by the Canadian College of Health Leaders Policy Committee to be included in the 2017 NHLC.

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