White Papers Could Reshape Continuing Care Sector

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Should we introduce long-term care insurance in BC? Is the current funding model for residential care in need of repair? Should senior care homes be converted into continuing care hubs? These are but a few of the questions being asked in the two most significant White Papers ever released by the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA).

The first paper deals with issues around funding and financing of continuing care, including approaches to improve sustainability while enhancing quality. The second paper focuses on innovative approaches, including exploring new care models for seniors, improving dementia care, use of technology, as well as enhancing the safety and health of seniors.

“Given our rapidly ageing population, the BCCPA believes it is critically important to challenge status quo thinking when it comes to how we deliver and finance seniors care in this province,” says Daniel Fontaine, CEO for the BCCPA. “Rather than simply pointing out problems, we felt it was equally as important to help develop and showcase possible solutions.”

Over the next four to six months, the BCCPA will be working with our members, key stakeholders and the public to engage in a broad set of consultations. These will include focus groups, town-hall forums and online surveys.

vancouver sun May 16The consultation period will culminate on September 20th with the inaugural meeting of the BC Continuing Care Collaborative taking place at SFU’s Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver. Over 100 individuals and organizations working within and intersecting with the continuing care sector will be invited to participate. The day-long forum will provide attendees with the opportunity to provide direct feedback on many of the options outlined in the two White Papers.


“These White Papers provide a very thoughtful analysis of the existing challenges of the current funding, policy and practice landscape as it relates to providing care for Seniors,” says Dr. Judith Lynam, Director of the Masters of Health Leadership and Policy in Seniors Care, University of British Columbia. “They articulate a vision for system transformation with a goal of providing care that is responsive to the needs of Seniors in community and institutional contexts.”

To download a copy of the White Papers, please click here.

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