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The BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) will attend a meeting on Friday November 7th with a number of key representatives from the BC Health Authorities (HA) and the Ministry of Healthy to discuss opportunities to develop solutions regarding issues faced by front-line care providers. Known as the BC Continuing Care Collaborative, the group will focus its first meeting on the recently released Seniors Care for a Change report released by the BCCPA last June. In addition to CEO Daniel Fontaine, Dave Cheperdak, President and Al Jina, Board Director will be in attendance.

“The collaborative offers a terrific opportunity for us to work more closely with the various Health Authorities and the Ministry of Health to ensure we are working on a common set of goals and objectives,” says Daniel Fontaine, CEO. “It offers us a platform to have a discussion regarding not only the issues facing us today, but those we need to address well into the future. By working together to develop these solutions, I have no doubt we can produce better outcomes as a result.”

The BCCPA will have more to report on the activities of the Collaborative in the months to come. However, to hear more about this initiative, you can listen directly to Fontaine in one of the three short videos below.

CEO Speaks About BC Continuing Care Collaborative 

I understand you will be meeting with the BC Health Authorities and the Ministry of Health, could you explain the objective of the meeting?

The recently released Seniors Care for a Change will be a key topic of discussion in tomorrow’s meeting, could you explain a little about that report?


What do you hope to come out of the BC Continuing Care Collaborative?

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