Social Media Update + Website Stats

Social Media Update + Website Stats

013_social-media-collageIf you are following the BCCPA through one of our social media outlets, you may have noticed we have been keeping busy.

As of March 14th we had over 600 twitter followers. We’ve experienced an increase of over 150 followers in the last month alone! We have sent over 1200 tweets on a number of different subjects and areas of interest over the last 10 months. You can follow us @bccareproviders.

Our new website continues to grow in popularity. In fact, we have now recorded over 200,000 page views in the last 24 months alone. That’s because we are posting new content on a daily basis including employee and care provider profiles and the latest about BCCPA activities and initiatives.

The member-only section is also proving to be a big hit. We are regularly including news items, research and reports and updates of concern to the sector in BC. The information is only available through a special password protected member-login.


On LinkedIn, we now have over 120 professionals who are part of our group discussion. Heather Campbell, Director of Policy & Research, is leading that discussion and it has been well received. She has posted up a number of interesting discussion topics over the last several months. We also encourage you to post topics of interest to the BC seniors’ care sector.

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