Order F.L.U.E. Stickers Here

The BC Care Providers Association has launched a new F.L.U.E. (Friends/Family Lather Upon Entry) campaign. As a member, you are entitled to receive up to 5 free stickers per care home to be used during the flu season. The 5″ X 5″ stickers are non-permanent and cling to glass doors/windows using static electricity. They are […]

BCCPA Promotes a F.L.U.E. Worth Catching

Vancouver, B.C. (Oct 15, 2013): With the flu season now upon us, the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) is launching a new F.L.U.E awareness campaign aimed at reminding people that hand washing before visiting friends and relatives in residential seniors care homes is the first line of defense against spreading the flu. The F.L.U.E campaign, […]