Code of Ethics

Members of the BC Care Providers Association voluntarily agree to abide by an enhanced Code of Ethics which form part of the Society’s bylaws. The Code of Ethics help to guide the conduct of members in a number of key areas.


BCCPA Member Enhanced Code of Ethics

Service Provider Members shall:

  • Comply with all bylaws of the Association and will conduct all activities with honesty, integrity, respect, fairness and good faith in a manner which will reflect well upon the industry;
  • Provide adequate facilities and shall serve the residents or clients for whom they are responsible, to the best of their ability, having regard to the total physical, mental and spiritual, and cultural needs and safety of those residents or clients;
  • Promote competence of service delivery management through ongoing education and shall endeavour to employ staff with the personality, ability and temperament necessary to manage or work with persons in care and satisfactory experience, competency and compassion;
  • Strive at all times to be courteous and treat persons in care, clients, their families and the public with consideration and dignity;
  • Comply with all acts, regulations and standards relevant to the sector in which services are provided;
  • Hold that professional relationships are not to be exploited for personal advantage;
  • Refrain from conduct that undermines the role of the Association and the credibility of the sector;

Commercial members shall:

  • Refrain from using the Association’s credentials or affiliation to promote or endorse external commercial products or services;


For a PDF document of the full Constitution and Bylaws, please click below:

Bylaws and Constitution Approved May 2014