Our Mandate

The BCCPA represents service providers in the continuing care sector which incorporates:

  • Residential Care
  • Home Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Home Support

Creating over 18,000 direct and indirect jobs in the continuing care sector, BCCPA members care for more than 16,000 seniors annually in residential care/assisted living and over 11,000 each year through home care and home support.

The BCCPA focuses its efforts in four key areas:

  • Foster Standards and Quality of Care: Advocate & enhance quality of life for seniors
  • Sustainability of Services: Ensure sustainable funding to enhance quality care
  • Relationship Building: Partner with government, health authorities and key stakeholders
  • Membership Services: Provide services to members to foster quality of care

The BC Care Providers Association delivers effective leadership and valued resources that support progressive change, promoting the growth and success of its members who provide the best possible care services for seniors.


Members of the BC Care Providers Association are independently-owned organizations that provide the best possible care services to seniors. Members benefit from belonging to the Association because it:

  • Advocates on and responds effectively to industry issues such as appropriate legislation, policy and funding
  • Actively supports the provision of the best possible care through the adoption of recognized standards
  • Enhances the profile of its members as providers of service excellence for seniors in care
  • Educates the public and serves as the voice on behalf of the continuing care sector
  • Facilitates timely communications and networking opportunities