Board Committees

Executive Committee

Karen Baillie – President
Aly Devji – Vice-President; Chair: Governance and Nominating Committee
Rizwan Gehlan – Secretary – Treasurer; Chair: Finance & Audit
Elaine Price – Past President
Daniel Fontaine – CEO

Finance and Audit Committee

Rizwan Gehlan – Chair
Bob Boulter
Shawn Terlson
Henry Lu
Daniel Fontaine – CEO

Governance Committee (also serves as Nominating Committee)

Aly Devji – Chair
Sue Emmons
Ron Pike
Elaine Price
Karen Baillie ex-officio
Daniel Fontaine – CEO

Emerging Issues & Policy Committee

Sue Emmons – Chair
Karen Baillie
Elissa Gamble
Al Jina
Becky Marlatt
Elaine Price
Gavin McIntosh
Lenore Pickering
Daniel Fontaine – CEO
Michael Kary – Director of Policy and Research
Lara Croll – Policy Analyst

Events  & Recognition Committee (includes 2017 Annual Conference)

Hendrik Van Ryk- Chair
Aly Devji- Past Chair
Karen Baillie- CCHL Liaison
Lance Bennewith
Stasia Hartley
Debra Hauptman
Chris Swift – Angel Accessibility Solutions
Alex Jones- Commercial Representative
Daniel Fontaine – CEO
Cathy Szmaus – Manager of Events and Administration

Membership Services and Engagement Committee

Ron Pike – Chair
Hilary Manning
Hendrik van Ryk
Heidi Mannis
Mike Klassen – VP, Communications & Stakeholder Relations

Quality Improvement Committee

Ann Marie Leijen – Chair
Deb Hauptman
Celeste Mullin
James Challman
Erroll Hastings
Mary McDougall
Daniel Fontaine – CEO
Mike Klassen – VP, Communications & Stakeholder Relations

Board & Committee Liaisons

Deb Hauptman – Office of the Seniors Advocate
Joe McQuaid, Elissa Gamble – Health Employers Association of BC
MIchael Neumann – SafeCare BC
Karen Baillie – Canadian College of Health Leaders
Vacant – Denominational Health Association
Vacant – BC Seniors Living Association