BCCPA and Howegroup release SSQIP needs assessment findings

BC Care Providers and Howegroup recently completed a comprehensive province-wide needs assessment survey for the Seniors Safety and Quality Improvement Program (SSQIP).

The survey, conducted by the Howegroup, focused on current and future needs by care home providers to support the effective and safe delivery of high quality seniors care in the province.

The needs assessment findings and application expectations are published and can be reviewed here.

“We are so grateful to all those who took the time to participate in the needs assessment,” says BCCPA Director of Programs Snezana Ristovski.

“Identifying your key needs has allowed us to develop the guidelines and eligibility criteria for the SSQIP. We also got a chance to hear your voice and have your input on the program application and funding process.”

The key findings include the care home providers’ top priority needs when applying for SSQIP funding, costs of purchases expected by time frame, and the expected benefits to seniors to improve safety and quality of life.

“We were pleased with the response from the sector; clearly this is an important issue to residential care providers in B.C.,” says Wynona Giannasi, partner at Howegroup.

“The results confirm what we’ve been hearing for years–that equipment is needed to improve the safety and quality of life of seniors and improve working conditions for staff.”

BCCPA will publish the SSQIP Basic Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria on Friday, December 15th, and go live with the application early to mid January.

For questions regarding SSQIP, contact Snezana Ristovski at snezana@bccare.ca.




The Seniors Safety and Quality Improvement Program (SSQIP) is province-wide program funded through a $10 million grant from the BC Ministry of Health to the BCCPA. All non-government publicly funded residential care homes operating within the province are eligible to participate.