What’s new at SafeCare BC?

Who’s Taking Care of You? That’s the slogan of SafeCare BC‘s Be Care Aware campaign which calls continuing care staff to share their self-care strategies.

Continuing care staff are passionate and hard working, and their work can be challenging and stressful. They also have some of the highest injury rates of all workers in B.C. That’s why they need to take care of themselves so they are able to take care of others. Be Care Aware is raising awareness about the impact of their work on mental health.

High stress levels are associated with increased health care and disability costs, absenteeism, turnover and reduced productivity. Workplaces that have positive work environments have better organizational performance in terms of health and safety, and better outcomes for residents and clients. Healthy organizational cultures nurture employee well-being, engagement and performance.

Below are SafeCare BC’s mental health resource videos which highlight the impact of workplace injury and violence, and why caregivers need to consider their mental health and take care of themselves. Share these videos at team meetings or training sessions.

SafeCare BC Wants to Hear From You

Earlier this year, SafeCare BC surveyed its members, partners and stakeholders to ask for input for the strategic direction of the association.

Please take this short survey to provide your input for  specific areas of SafeCare BC’s new strategic plan for 2018-2020. Your response will help ensure support SafeCare BC’s vision of safe, healthy and injury-free workplaces in continuing care. 

Take the survey now! Survey closes December 8th.

Upcoming Workshops and Training

SafeCare BC is beginning to book workshop and training courses into 2018. If you have any questions about sessions, or if you’re interested in booking a session at your organization, contact Marjahn O’Connor at marjahn@safecarebc.ca

Safe Client Handling
November 30, December 1

Violence Prevention
January 10, February 15, February 23

LPN Leadership Training
February 28

Visit SafeCare BC‘s website to register and get more information!