Happy #InternationalWomensDay to BC’s frontline care workers!

BCCPA/SCBC Staff L-R: Saleema Dhalla, Cathy Szmaus, Jennifer Lyle, Therese Guieb, Lily Nguyen, Lara Croll, Diana Lim, Hanna Nickel

International Women’s Day marks an important celebration that recognizes the achievements of women all over the globe. This celebration aims to continue to drive change for women and encourages a more gender inclusive world. On behalf of all of us at BC Care Providers (BCCPA) and SafeCare BC, we are proudly acknowledging the role of women in our province’s care sector.

Below are facts regarding women in continuing care in the province:

  • Women in the Continuing Care sector are also more likely to be injured on the job that the average BC worker – the injury rate in the long term care sector is four times the provincial average, while it is twice the provincial average in the home health sector. 90% of those injured in these sectors are women [i].
  • 90% of the continuing care workforce are women; It has also been found registered nurses, nursing assistants, orderlies, and nursing attendants (all job professions that are over-represented by women) had proportionally higher levels of distress due to psychological job demands, job insecurity, and low social support than Canadians in other occupations [ii].

For more information on International Women’s Day, click here.


[i] Worksafe BC. 2015 Statistics. Accessed at: file:///C:/Users/Communications/Downloads/stats-2015-pdf-en.pdf

[ii] Whitney Berta, Audrey Laporte, Raisa Deber, Andrea Baumann and Brenda Gamble, “The evolving role of health care aides in the long-term care and home and community care sectors in Canada,” Human Resources for Health 2013, 11:25 at 1. Accessed at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3723545/