Care Provider of the Year Nominee: Ewa Maria Fracyzk

Ewa Maria Fracyzk
German Canadian Care Home

Colleague Lily Sit shared these words about Ewa Maria:

To use cliché to describe this special soul would be an understatement. This person has dedicated her life for the residents at the facility for just over a couple of decades. She has an unbelievable sense of empathy for others beyond words. Anyone would be able to call her anytime during her off hours without fear of intrusion or “I am off from work now” statements. She is attentive to anyone’s needs as if you are the only person that mattered at that moment in the entire world. When there is a flu outbreak or any other sorts of medical urgency which requires extra hands on, she would drop everything else (her own duties) for the time and assist until everything is under control.

If needed she would often work beyond her eight hours of paid time and throughout her lunch breaks just to get her work done (with no pay). She often does the work of two people and still does an excellent job to make sure all the bases are covered and no one is left with questions. She is a major factor in the contribution to the facility’s recent accreditation with an “exemplary standing”. She will sit by a palliative patient to provide comfort and companionship. She values humans as precious and interconnected as a single being. Her words and efforts are genuine regardless if you are a patient, family, or colleague. Her altruistic manners go beyond her duties and cares in the facility in her concerns for the residents and staff. She would do her utmost to facilitate a smooth transition of a patient to another care provider by ensuring all the community resources and contacts are made accessible such as the pharmacy, facility liaison, mental health, home care, etc. to ensure continuity to meet that individual’s needs. One thing that is unique about her is this lady’s ability to put herself in other’s shoes and does everything in her abilities and resources allow her to meet that person’s needs.

Not too many humans that I know would literally “love thy neighbor as they self”. Even though it may sound cheesy and old-fashioned, but it does take a God-given soul to literally do that: to go beyond one’s comfort zone to help others that is truly rare and amazing.


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