Care Provider of the Year Nominee: Baidul Begg

Baidul Begg
Health Care Worker
Hilton Villa Care Center | Park Place Seniors Living

Here is what colleagues and resident family members had to say about Baidul:

Jan Taylor, Site Leader/Director of Care at Hilton Villa Care Centre:

“Baidul Begg is an exceptional employee who has been steadfast in her enthusiasm and deep devotion of caring for all of her residents. She has worked as a Health Care Worker at Hilton Villa since April, 1983 and consistently performs her duties with the vitality and passion of a new employee instead of one who has been working, in the same workplace, for over thirty years. The staff have a sense of confidence especially when she is on duty “that all will be well”. Even when it is at the end of her shift, if she has a resident who is unsettled, she will assist them to their bedroom and then sit quietly by their side and do her end of shift paperwork, keeping them calm and away from any negative stimulating triggers. She always goes that extra mile for all of her residents. She will forfeit taking her own break if her resident’s needs are not met. Everyone; residents, families, and staff’s comments about Baidul are always how much she gives to others and works tirelessly every shift, all through her shift. She always has a positive attitude of servitude and pleasure in helping others. Baidul is an employer’s, co-workers’, and supervisor’s dream employee. She is always happy, no matter the challenges of her work and promotes a healthy and safe environment for everyone. She gladly and actively participates in committees (e.g. OH&S) and her contributions are always credible. She is a most benevolent person who values people and has the highest degree of integrity and work ethic.”

Joann Paler, Nurse Coordinator at Hilton Villa Care Centre:

“When I was a casual nurse and worked shifts on the second floor Baidul stood out right away. She stood out for good reasons. I noticed her genuine compassion when she talks to the residents. She takes the time to speak to them and listen to their answers. Baidul is very timely with her reports. Throughout the shift, she will report to me any concerns that she has noticed. This is invaluable for a casual nurse and someone who is new to the floor, as I am able to provide interventions right away. At the end of the shift, Baidul will give me a thorough report on each of her primary residents. She is a good and reliable source of information. When asked a question about a resident, Baidul knows the resident inside out. Baidul’s dedication and work ethic is exceptional. She stays a half hour later after her shift not because she is not done with her tasks but she wants to do more for the residents. Baidul is the kind of person that you will always want to be on your team. It is great working with her.”

Angela Vanieperen, Baidul’s Supervisor at Hilton Villa Care Centre:

“Baidul is a strong team player, offering her support and assistance to her coworkers. She is tentative, caring, extremely patient and kind. The thought, time effort and heart that Baidul puts into her work is outstanding, over and above the call of duty. Her dedication is that for the residents in care, providing a safe, comforting and trusting relationship with each and every resident she works with. Her relationship with our families is outstanding always providing the families with re assurance, comfort, support, an ear to listen and a heart to hold their loved ones close. Her attitude after 30 years of a care giver is strong, energetic and kind. She is eager to work, she’s an amazing orientator for new staff as her skill, routine, safety precautions and infection control education are most beneficial to all new staff. Most of all her glow for the job shines strong after 30 years, she engages new staff as she does her residents. This care aid is outstanding and deserves to be recognized.”

Terry & Judy Takeda, Family Members:

“Judy and I would like to commend Baidul for her kindness and patience she has shown to my parents and many others fortunate enough to be in her care. She is a genuinely caring person and a major asset to your organization. Her engaging personality puts a smile to our faces whenever she greets us. She keeps us informed on my parents’ activities and events without having to ask. In our humble opinion, her actions are heart felt, simply coming from a good person who cares about the welfare of others.”

Jill Mandrake, Family Member:

“I would like to say a few words of recommendation regarding my mother’s care-worker, Baidul. I find that Baidal has a consistently upbeat and helpful personality. She is clearly dedicated to her work, and I often see her encouraging residents to become more involved in the activities; this includes residents who are not in her immediate care. For example, she was able to engage Ruby [her mother] in one of the sing-alongs; that was the first time I’d seen Ruby so enthusiastically taking part! Baidal is also friendly and informative when we come to visit, and it’s always great to see her there.”

Al Jina, President, Park Place Seniors Living:

Park Place Seniors Living is a family owned and operated company that has enriched the lives of seniors for the last 23 years. The company now owns and operates 25 seniors’ communities in British Columbia and Alberta, providing caring and professional support to almost 3000 seniors. Out of all our dedicated staff, we would like to nominate Baidul Begg, a Health Care Worker at Hilton Villa Care Centre in Surrey for BC Care Provider of the Year.

Baidul is a front-line care provider who has demonstrated a commitment to quality, compassion and excellence in delivering care to our residents for over 30 years. There are numerous examples of her going beyond the average daily interactions between an employee and individuals in care. One of our residents is prone to UTIs – Baidul pushes fluids without any nursing reminders, getting a jug, providing a nice water bottle and having cranberry juice on hand also. If a resident has ripped clothing, Baidul will mend their clothing by hand. When the nurses themselves have questions about the families, it is Baidul they all go to as she knows both her families and residents very well. Her residents are always well cared for, including having shoes which she hand cleans. She continually brings thoughtful items for her residents, such as fancy shampoos, nice lotions, etc.

Baidul’s commitment has previously been recognized by Park Place Seniors Living with a long term service celebration. The ceremony spoke of her boundless energy, passion and commitment. Combined with the skills and experience of decades, it makes her the top of her league. There is no single accomplishment that defines her service and love for what she does. Rather than one big crucial moment, Baidul is defined by countless smaller actions day in and day out. She is a pillar of unwavering commitment enriching the lives of seniors and is a constant example to those around her of the difference that quiet fortitude and steadfast dedication makes to those around her.

Her service supports Park Place Seniors Living’s mission and values to provide enriched life experiences to seniors. Our guiding principles ask our staff to honour dignity with respect, trust and empathy. We challenge our employees strive to serve our clients with excellence and demand the best of ourselves and from others in order to be the difference we wish to see in the industry. Over the last 30 years, Baidul has met and surpassed the high standards that we set. Park Place aims to attract, hire, retain, develop and deserve the best people at all levels – Baidul is the prime example of our success in doing so and we hope she is recognized provincially for what she has done.


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