Care Provider of the Year Nominee: Michael Orendain

Michael Orendain
Licensed Practical Nurse
Delta View

Aly Devji, Director of HR/Operations/Associate Administrator, sent in the following nomination:

Although Delta View has many front-line staff members who deserve to be nominated for this award, this year I chose Michael Orendain, LPN as he has emerged as a leader for our organization, who continually makes a positive difference in not just our resident’s quality of life, but he also exceeds the expectations of their family members and his fellow colleagues. Michael joined our organization as a newly graduated LPN, just under 10 years ago. Since that time, Michael has developed his clinical and leadership skills and become an integral part of the Delta View team.

Michael, is caring, respectful and generous. He works with a team of RCA’s on the morning shift on one of our Special Care Units which has 27 residents. In addition to providing nursing care to his residents, he also takes the time to support or coach other nurses with dementia management skills or how to run an effective care conference.

Early on in his career, Michael worked within the Delta View Tertiary Mental Health Geriatric Behaviour Stabilization Program, where he honed his behaviour management and clinical skills; Since then, Michael has further developed his skills while finding creative ways to engage our residents in hopes of making each day special. Michael can often be found on the Delta View stage, acting as the Main Character in our Annual Christmas or Easter Season Plays. His portrayal of the “Grinch” in last year’s Christmas Special, is the only time Michael was “out of character”.

Michael’s commitment to quality and our mission of “Enriching the Lives of those we serve and those who serve with us” has helped our organization maintain our culture of “Hugs not Drugs”, where we believe in freedom of movement and the reduction of medications with harmful side effects. His work and efforts for the Delta View organization has made everyone’s life better and makes coming to work each and every day a special event.

Over the years, we have received countless compliment cards and letters from families that have made note of Michael’s ability to care from the heart, exceed expectations and model the way. During that time, I have observed Michael develop into a leader, and I have also observed groups of individuals come together and form high performance teams with him at the helm. New hires are often referred to Michael to learn clinical and leadership skills, by the Care Coordinators.

Michael and his team were recently featured in the CHANGE DAY BC campaign where Delta View participated in making “pledges” to change. Michael was featured in promotional materials as he “pledged” to walk in the residents’ shoes. His idea, was for his team to experience what residents experience, either by wearing incontinent briefs, drinking thickened fluids and eating pureed foods in order to better understand the difficulties our elders may face. From there, Michael and his team reviewed their practices in order to better meet the needs of their residents.

Upon learning of his nomination, Michael said “I am truly honored and humbled to have been nominated for such a prestigious award. I never once thought by doing what feels so natural would lead to such recognition and I am speechless and very grateful for the support. I want to thank everyone involved in this nomination and I give full credit to every team member I have had the pleasure of working with, every resident/client I have had the honor of serving, and to the organizations that have supported me and helped me grow and develop into the nurse I am today.”


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