Q&A: BC Government New Investments

On March 9, 2017, the Government of British Columbia announced a major new investment toward seniors care of up to $500 million over 4 years, including an action plan. In addition, the government announced a new $10 million equipment fund, which will be managed by BCCPA with direction set by an advisory panel. A teleconference call was held with Ministry of Health staff to answer questions of BCCPA members about the new funding. We have prepared the following Q&A information for our visitors to review the questions and the answers from the Ministry.

NOTE: as new information becomes available, the answers in the Q&A will be updated.

Yes. Our target is to move to that average across Health Authorities over the next 4 years. However, we do not have supply of caregivers yet to meet that goal of increasing direct care hours in the system until we do.

We don’t have supply of residential care staff yet to meet that goal. First we must get a better sense of the gaps, then come up with more supply for the system. $45 million will be provided to residential and home/community care this year (2017/18).

To arrive at a clear answer, we will begin with a smaller targeted group (including BCCPA and Office of the Seniors Advocate) to consult with first. The ultimate aim is to have the definition of what 3.36 DCH means completed later in 2017 (September 2017 is the target).

We are going to work to find the baseline, then produce annual updates to leadership council. Ask where have we made improvements, and where do gaps still exist.

The goal is open and transparent across all Health Authorities and with private providers. It is a lot of work, and will require thorough analysis.

We can answer this question once we have a detailed operational plan. The model is still to be determined.  We need to better account for acuity of residents in funding models as well as quality indicators.

Ministry has yet to undertake a thorough analysis of Ontario and Alberta funding models, including pros and cons. Ministry of Health staff will be looking at this further.

An advisory group will be organized by BCCPA – group makeup to be determined by April 2017.

The funding is intended to go where identified gaps exist. Terms and conditions will be set by the Advisory Group. We must complete the advisory plan and requirements first.

If BCCPA can leverage it from senior levels of government or other agencies, that’s fine.

Details are still being worked out on eligibility requirements. Basic criteria include that applicants are publicly-funded contracted providers, where care needs are identified.

Yes, provided you have publicly subsidized care beds.

To be determined subject to the work of the advisory group.

To be determined subject to the work of the advisory group.

Work yet to be done on this. We will need to look at acuity levels per site.

We have the funding, but many details are still being worked on. Flow of funding from the federal government still needs to be worked out as well.

Funding will go to ALL Health Authorities.

Part of the funding – $275 million – is from federal dollars.

HCC Council now focusing on this question.

Recruitment and retention of staff is a big focus going forward. Better health human resources planning is needed to accomplish this. Ministry of Health are consulting with BCCPA, Denominational Health Association (DHA), and BC Seniors Living Association.