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Greetings to all continuing care service providers and commercial organizations interested in becoming a member of the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA). Established in 1977, BC Care Providers Association is proud to be the leading voice for seniors care in British Columbia. We represent our members through policy development and advocacy, as well as providing networking and knowledge sharing opportunities through our dynamic events and member workshops.

Please review our Membership section to learn the advantages of a residential care, assisted living, home care or commercial membership, additional member benefits, as well as opportunities to participate in meaningful work as a board or committee member.

Over the past few years, dozens of new or returning service provider members have joined BCCPA. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of our newest members. We are available anytime to discuss the benefits of joining our dynamic organization, and how we can assist and support you.

Questions? Contact Mike Klassen, VP Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Office: 604-736-4233, ext. 231 |

Membership Types — Service Provider or Commercial

Service Provider Member (Residential Care, Assisted Living, Home Care & Home Support)

In order to become a regular voting member of the BCCPA, you must operate either a residential care home, assisted living units, or provide home care, or home support services. Annual membership fees vary depending on the total bed/unit count (for LTC or AL), or the hours of care delivered annually (for home care and home support).

Membership Fees: Service Provider (Long Term Care or Assisted Living)

$32 per bed/year — Long Term Care
$25 per bed/year — Assisted Living

# Beds Discount (%)
200-300 3%
301-400 6%
401-500 9%
501-600 12%
601-700 15%
701-800 18%
801-900 21%
901-1000 25%
1001-1500 30%
1501-2000 35%
2001-2500 40%
2501-3000 45%
3001-3500 50%


If a long term care home has 550 residential care beds and 200 assisted living units, they are entitled to a corporate discount of 18% based upon a total of 750 beds/units.

550 x $32 – 18% corporate discount = $14,432
200 x $25 – 18% corporate discount = $4,100
Total membership dues = $18,532

Membership Fees: Service Provider (Home Care or Home Support)

Minimum fee: $400
Maximum fee: $5,000

# Hours of care Rate per hour of care
1 – 49,999 $0.05
50,000 – 100,000 $0.04
100,001 – 200,000 $0.03
200,000+ $0.02


If a home care member provides 105,000 hours of care per year, they are entitled to a discounted rate of $0.03 per hour.
105,000 X $0.03 = $3,150

Commercial Member

If you are not eligible become a service provider member, you can still join the BCCPA as a commercial member. Our commercial members provide a range of products and services such as insurance, communications technology, furniture, or safety equipment.

Membership Fee: Commercial

$895 + GST

Conditions of membership

  • Goods and Services Tax (5%) is only applied to commercial memberships.
  • All membership applications are subject to final review and formal approval by the BCCPA Board of Directors and are normally processed within 30 calendar days.
  • Payment by cheque or credit care is due at the time of the application for membership, and will be processed when the application is approved by the Board of Directors.
  • BCCPA members must abide by the organization’s Code of Ethics, available to read here.
  • The newly approved membership fee structure posted above takes effect on January 1st, 2018.


Thank you for becoming a member!

We are pleased to welcome to the following service provider and commercial members that have recently joined BCCPA: