Every day front-line workers, staff, and care providers across B.C. engage in challenging and inspiring work. The BC Care Providers Association celebrate their dedication, innovation and excellence within continuing care sector across the province at our annual BC Care Awards ceremony in Victoria.

Submission Requirements

  • Nominators must demonstrate they are members in good standing of the BCCPA at the time of submitting the nomination.
  • Nominees must be a member in good standing with the BCCPA or employed by a member in good standing.
  • Once the deadline has passed, no further information can be submitted to the Adjudication Committee in relation to the nomination.
  • Award winners will be notified in advance that they have been selected. They will also be asked to attend a special awards ceremony in Victoria, BC in February.
  • Final award recipients will be recommended by the Events & Recognition Committee and will be approved by the BCCPA Board.
  • Nominees will be judged on how best they align with the stated criteria and intent of the award.
  • The finalists will be required to sign a release allowing for BCCPA to publicize their photo and other information pertaining to the award.


Deadline to submit nominations is December 1st 2017.

Contact: Cathy Szmaus, Director of Events & Administration
Office: 604-736-4233 X 226 E-mail: cathy@bccare.ca

Award Categories

Ed Helfrich Long-Service Excellence Award

Awarded to a member owner/operator or a member employee/contractor who has a 15+ year industry track record of developing and delivering quality care for individuals in care.


  • Demonstrated a commitment to supporting the continuing care sector
  • Years of service can be in broken periods, but the time so involved must add up to at least 15 years.
  • The recipient can be presently working in the sector or might now be retired from the field.

BC Care Provider of the Year (Home Care and Residential Care)

There are two awards – one for home care workers, the other for a residential care home worker – to frontline care providers employed by members who have demonstrated a commitment to quality, compassion and excellence in delivering care to one or more of our residents and/or clients.


  • Specific examples must be provided to help support how the employee demonstrated a commitment to quality, compassion and excellence.
  • Examples cited must go beyond the average daily interactions between an employee and individuals in care.
  • Demonstrate how this commitment may have already been recognized by their colleagues, supervisor, resident or a member of their family.

Innovation of the Year

Awarded to a member care provider or one of their employees who can demonstrate an innovation they have developed or introduced within the sector or their place of employment to improve the quality of care delivered.


  • Provide detailed information regarding how the innovation can be attributed specifically to the nominee.
  • The innovation can be described as something new that has not been attempted or implemented before either at a particular site or with an individual.
  • The innovation has potential for sector-wide application.

* * *

2016 BC Care Award Winners

Thank you to all who submitted nominations for the 2016 Awards. Click here to see all of our posts featuring everyone who was recognized – including our nominees and runner-up for Care Provider of the Year.

Care Provider of the Year (home care):   Mari Green – Beacon Community Services
Care Provider of the Year (residential): Tasia McLean Warren – H&H Total Care
Innovation of the Year: Bruce Devereux – Good Samaritan Society
Ed Helfrich Long Service Excellence Award:  Tom Crump