Upcoming workshop: Demystifying the many roles of the Public Guardian and Trustee

On February 2, BC Care Providers will be holding a member only workshop for providers who would like to learn more about the Public Guardian and Trustee of BC (PGT).

“The Public Guardian and Trustee of BC works with organizations across the continuing care sector. We are looking forward to sharing information about who the PGT is and the work we do,” says Kimberly Azyan, Executive Director, Services to Adults.

Members of BCCPA may have multiple reasons to contact the Public Guardian and Trustee of BC:

  • You may be concerned that an adult is experiencing abuse, neglect or self-neglect and their finances are at risk resulting in the need for an investigation by the PGT.
  • You may be concerned that an adult is mentally incapable and in need of someone, possibly the PGT, to make their financial/legal decisions.
  • You may want to consult a case manager to determine finances available to support an adult’s/resident’s quality of life.
  • An adult may need health care or consent to a care plan but you are concerned they are incapable of making the decision, have no available family or friends who can do it for them and need the PGT to authorize someone or make the health care decision.

Using stories and examples which are relevant to home support, assisted living and care home providers, this session will illustrate and clarify the many roles of the Public Guardian and Trustee in Services to Adults when assisting an adult who is vulnerable and in need of support with personal/healthcare and/or financial/legal decision making.

“We look forward to having an expert panel from the PGT join us to share up-to-date information about the ways they assist adults across the continuing care sector,” says Mike Klassen, VP of Communications and Stakeholder Relations.

The session will be held in Burnaby at the SafeCare BC Training centre. Registrants are also invited to participate via webinar.

For more information, please visit our workshops page.